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    1. MONTESSORI-INSPIRED: Hand-crafted to the standards laid out by the official Montessori Assistance to Infancy course.
    2. 100% COTTON: Covers are made of a finely brushed, French cotton twill. Inserts are made of multiple layers of USA manufactured cotton batting encased in premium cotton muslin.
    3. MADE IN THE USA: All products are expertly crafted in Los Angeles, California.
    4. COMFORTING AND COZY: A physical, emotional and psychological sanctuary of coziness - Like a "blankie" or "lovie" for your newborn, topponcinos become a consistent comfort in your baby's life.
    5. SUPPORTIVE AND PROTECTIVE: Supports your baby when feeding or being held by those less experienced with handling a newborn.
  • Includes: One Topponcino Cover & One Topponcino Insert
  • Materials: 100% Cotton

    Dimensions: 26” long x 17" wide x 1" high

  • Cover: It gets softer over time! But it could also shrink if washed or dried with too much heat. Machine wash cold with like colors. Tumble Dry Low.

    Insert: The internal batting is 100% cotton and is designed to trap heat and smells. It will also bunch up if washed in a machine. Spot clean by hand as needed with a damp white washcloth. Lay flat to dry.

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What Makes Our Topponcinos So Special?

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