Topponcino Testimonials

  • "These are beautiful, cozy and designed to the standards of Montessori training. We were thrilled to be connected with Ryan and Amber who, like us, fell in love with this little pillow as a newborn lifesaver."

    - The P.E.A.C.E. Program

  • "I consider the topponcino one of those must-have items, on par with a car seat. Everyone needs one!"

    - Erin R.

  • "My husband was so skeptical about the first thing I bought, but it ended up being the most useful and used thing we bought for our son and he now recommends it to other new parents: the topponcino."

    - Emma H.

  • "I really do believe the Topponcino is a little hidden gem in the world of baby products that needs so much more recognition than it has been given. I hope this has helped your decision to place this baby item at the top of the list for your newborn."

    - Nikki L.

  • “A topponcino is a Montessori essential for families with new babies who have siblings. It’s wonderful for anyone with a new baby, though.”

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