Our Story

While preparing for the arrival of our son, Ethan, we learned about the Topponcino from a friend and were hooked by its concept: Provide parents the easiest way to handle their newborn, and their baby will have a smooth transition from womb to world.

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I searched tirelessly and unsuccessfully for a high-quality, animal-friendly, and modern Topponcino that felt safe and healthy enough for our new addition. Instead of settling for something already on the market, Ryan used his corporate product development background to create and design a Topponcino just for our son.

My last few months of my pregnancy were spent knee deep in hundreds of fabric samples, testing different materials, to be able to find the perfect combination of softness and durability for our son’s Topponcino. Finally, we found the perfect texture, thickness, and quality and Ethan’s Topponcino was born.

But something still felt unfinished. The Topponcino made our entire family's life so much better in those first few precarious months that I wanted to share it with anyone that would listen. I wanted to share it with the world. And so, The Topponcino Company was born.

I hope you love our Topponcino as much as we love making it. I know it will bring your family the same comfort and stability the Topponcino brought us. That is my Parent To Parent Guarantee.

Founder, The Topponcino Company

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