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The Topponcino® is a soft, mat-like Montessori baby support pillow that provides comfort, support and consistency throughout the first few delicate months of a baby's life.

handle baby with ease

Handle your baby with ease

Unique oval design "tacos" your baby, physically supporting them while handling, holding, or feeding.

Give confidence to others

Give confidence to others

Acts as a second set of arms so less experienced family and friends can enjoy the cuddles without the nerves.

Create a cozy environment

Create a cozy environment

Like a "blankie" or "lovie" for your newborn which never changes temperature, smell, or softness.

Smooth awkward transitions

Smooth awkward transitions

Ease the movement from person-to-person, and remove the shock of being placed on new and cold surfaces.

Take your baby anywhere

Take your baby anywhere

Roll it up and take it on the go with you to create a clean place for your baby to lay and play.

Encourage tummy time

A clean place for tummy time

Gives your baby a practical place to crawl, roll, kick, and explore the new world around them.

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mom looking at baby on topponcino with montessori mobiles
A practical parenting tool

When your baby enters this world, it needs physical and emotional support. Babies are generally hearty little people. 

However, there is countless evidence that a human baby is born “too soon.” There’s no more proof of this than the fact that your new baby will not be able to hold their head up on their own. 

Used by parents for generations, the Topponcino's® unique oval design physically supports your baby while handling, holding and feeding.

Your baby's first prepared environment

Your newborn is experiencing smells, temperatures, and textures for the first time. These new senses can be overwhelming and frightening. All of the novel experiences can be harsh.

It is important to find items and habits that delicately transition your baby into the world. 

Not only will the Topponcino® assist your newborn in its transition to life outside the womb, it will also help you as a parent to transition into your new role of a caretaker.

mom holding baby on topponcino support pillow
baby looking up on montessori newborn topponcino
An emotional "safety object"

The Topponcino® provides a point of reference with its constant familiarity in texture, warmth, and scent. 

No matter who the baby is with or where the baby is in the world, this Montessori baby mattress is with them and will not change. 

This consistency provides your baby a sense of confidence in their new environment so they can feel safe and focus on learning and growing.

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Easily introduce Montessori values from the start

"The baby should remain as much as possible with the mother directly after birth, and the environment must not present obstacles to his adaptation … The child must be carefully handled and moved, not … rapidly and roughly dressed – roughly in the sense that any handling of a new-born child is rough because he is so exquisitely delicate, psychically as well as physically.  It is best of all if the newborn child is not dressed, but rather kept in a room sufficiently heated and free from draughts, and carried on a soft mattress, so that he remains in a position similar to the prenatal one.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

dr maria montessori reading to kids


Designed by Dr. Maria Montessori

Topponcinos® were introduced to the first-world in the 1940’s by Maria Montessori: An Italian educator, physician, scientist, and founder of the Montessori education system and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

What the Montessori world is saying

"The baby finds security and a familiar scent - their scent and the scent of their parents, siblings, and family - in this thin cushion. It prevents overstimulation when handled by family and friends...Parents using the Topponcino say they take it everywhere."

The Montessori Baby
By Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike

The Topponcino Company

We have dedicated our lives to bringing the traditional Topponcino® to the modern parent. 

Quality you can trust

Our authentic Topponcinos® are hand-crafted of 100% natural cotton, and made to the official Montessori recommended dimensions.

We fully back all our products with our Parent to Parent Guarantee. We are parents too and your family's approval is our top priority.

Made of 100% natural materials

We believe our world’s babies deserve the best, most natural products possible. That is why we are dedicated to using 100% natural cotton in all our products.

Natural cotton fiber releases very low levels of hydrogen peroxide which is a well known antiseptic and disinfectant for viruses and bacteria.

The cover and insert of our Organic Topponcino® is 100% organic cotton!

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