What Is A Topponcino?

The topponcino (top.on.chi'no) is a soft, mat-like Montessori baby pillow that provides comfort, support and consistency throughout the first few delicate months of a baby's life.

handle baby with ease

Handle your baby with ease

Unique oval design cradles your baby, physically supporting them while handling, holding, or feeding.

Give confidence to others

Give confidence to others

Acts as a second set of arms so less experienced family and friends can enjoy the cuddles without the nerves.

Create a cozy environment

Create a cozy environment

Like a "blankie" or "lovie" for your newborn which never changes temperature, smell, or softness.

Smooth awkward transitions

Smooth awkward transitions

Ease the movement from person-to-person, and remove the shock of being placed on new and cold surfaces.

Take your baby anywhere

Take your baby anywhere

Roll up the topponcino and take it on the go with you to create a clean place for your baby to lay and play.

Encourage tummy time

Encourage tummy time

Gives your baby a practical place to crawl, roll, kick, and explore the new world around them.

topponcino and baby feet


Your baby's first prepared environment


A practical parenting tool

baby on topponcino looking at camera


An emotional "safety object"

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Watch this great video by Montessori for Babies

Easily introduce Montessori values from the start

"The baby should remain as much as possible with the mother directly after birth, and the environment must not present obstacles to his adaptation … The child must be carefully handled and moved, not … rapidly and roughly dressed – roughly in the sense that any handling of a new-born child is rough because he is so exquisitely delicate, psychically as well as physically.  It is best of all if the newborn child is not dressed, but rather kept in a room sufficiently heated and free from draughts, and carried on a soft mattress, so that he remains in a position similar to the prenatal one.”

Dr. Maria Montessori


Designed by Dr. Maria Montessori

Topponcinos were introduced to the first-world in the 1940’s by Maria Montessori: An Italian educator, physician, scientist, and founder of the Montessori education system and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

What the Montessori world is saying

This Italian Montessori wonder is a widely underused baby item probably because no one knows about it! If people knew about it - it would be a top pick for registries around the world.

Arc Montessori

I made sure it was packed in the hospital bag, ready to use from birth.  It is also one of the few items for the Assistants to Infancy that Maria Montessori mentioned herself.

Montessori Moms Blog

We consider a topponcino the single most important shower or baby gift.

Michael Olaf

The topponcino goes on my must-have list.

The Kavanaugh Report

The Topponcino Company

We have dedicated our lives to bringing the traditional topponcino to the modern parent.


Quality you can trust


Made of 100% natural materials

topponcino cotton batting roll


Get it before your baby comes

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Topponcino reviews from other parents

grandma looking at baby on topponcino

Parent Review: Paula

The first time I held my tiny, angelic grandson, he was securely handed to me on his Topponcino and I cuddled him as intimately as if he was directly touching my arms. I didn’t have to think about how I was holding his head or if he was comfortable, I was able to just enjoy the moment. 

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baby on topponcino in moses basket

Parent Review: Nikki

The topponcino totally saved my sanity. I just wish I’d found it earlier. I’d learned about the topponcino in 2014, several months before my son Kellen was born. At the time, I couldn’t find one for sale online so I decided to make my own, and I had absolutely no idea how much of a positive impact it would make on my pregnancy. 

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baby girl on topponcino looking at camera

Parent Review: Erin

I promised myself I would not start buying anything until later on, but that did not lasted long, thank you hormones! My husband was so skeptical about the first thing I bought, but it ended up being the most useful and used thing we bought for our son and he now recommends it to other new parents: the topponcino.

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