3 Ways To Give Baby the Best Tummy Time Everytime

baby covered in blanket

Everybody needs a little exercise to build their muscles and train their body—yes, even your little one! You can’t exclude babies in the exercise conversation. Their bodies may be tiny and limbs short, but they need physical activity just like you. It’s essential to introduce them to baby exercises such as neck exercises and tummy time to develop their motor skills as early as possible. 

One Step to Development and Independence

While it goes without saying that caring for your baby requires all-day supervision, you can’t always be with them. There will be moments when you won’t be able to monitor their movements, so you need to be sure that they could do well on their own in that short time. As their parent, you need to ensure that they’ll have the strength to support themselves when you’re not there.

Sleeping is one of the few situations when you can’t check on them during the entirety of their slumber. Watching them sleep is an option, but it’s not a healthy one for yourself. If you’re worried about your baby developing flat spots on their skull due to back-sleeping all night, then you need to train them with tummy time so that they can master lifting their heads and turning over.

What Is Tummy Time?

Tummy time is one of the most important exercises you should have your baby do. Since babies spend so much time on their backs in the early stages of their lives, they need to spend time lying on their bellies to develop their back, core, and neck strength. Letting them work on their upper body will help build the foundation they need to crawl, sit up and eventually walk.

How to Do Tummy Time

Tummy time doesn’t always mean having them lying down on their bellies on the ground—there are many ways you can help your baby practice training on their tummy! You can try any of the following tips to find out which one is best for your little one:

On the Floor

Making your baby feel comfortable and safe is vital to make tummy time a success. If they’re going to have their belly exercise on the floor, you should place a small and firm pillow, such as our Original Topponcino, to support their tummy well. Try laying down on the ground with them and maintain eye contact. Seeing your face will make them feel assured and have fun throughout those few minutes.

On Your Tummy

Tummy time doesn’t have to be limited to the floor; you can have more bonding with your baby by using the tummy-to-tummy approach! To do the tummy-to-tummy, just lay down on your back and place your little one on your stomach or chest. Move a toy in front of them or put a mobile above them to make them look around, building neck muscle and upper body strength.

Carry Upright

The tummy-down carry technique involves using one hand to support the baby's chest with your arm between their legs and the other hand to support their head and shoulders. This method may be a bit uncomfortable for you and your little one, so it’s best to practice with a tummy-down hold with a baby pillow to support you.


Tummy time is essential to the development of your little one. If you want them to grow strong and healthy, it’s best to start them young! Allot some time in your day to let them spend a few minutes on their belly to help them build strength. Just follow our guide for a successful tummy time every time!

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