All About Montessori Floor Beds: What You Need to Know

floor bed

Some parents balk at the prospect of having their children sleep on the floor, but Montessori beds have changed the game. This type of bed is essentially a mattress on the floor, usually propped by a short frame. They’re designed to encourage independence in children and ownership over their environment. Parents often transition their child to a Montessori bed between five and ten months, while some start as early as two months, or even from birth.

Although the idea of your child sleeping on the floor may sound strange, it’s been practiced for a long time. The benefits are also incredibly rewarding, which is why it’s worth considering purchasing a Montessori bed for your child.

What is a Montessori Bed?

A Montessori bed is a bed on the floor, which means there’s no need to ‘jump’ or ‘climb’ just to get into it. Given its short height, it is accessible to your child, putting it very much within their reach. Additionally, a floor bed gives your child initiative and power since they are free to move around rather than being confined in a crib, allowing them to make decisions and go through new experiences that help them grow and develop.

When children are confined to a crib, their movement and vision are limited, restricting their experiences. However, putting them in a Montessori bed allows them to explore a bigger world. When you first put them on a Montessori bed, they might find themselves rolling onto the carpet or soft pad, but that’s a natural part of the adjustment period. They’ll feel very excited about inspecting their surroundings. However, eventually, they’ll regard the bed as their designated sleeping space and start to manage their behavior accordingly, like putting themselves to bed when they feel tired.

How Can a Montessori Bed Benefit Your Children?

A floor bed is a crucial part of raising your child in the Montessori way. When a child is stuck in a crib, it won’t satiate their curiosity as they are confined to seeing the world through bars. However, putting your child on a floor bed allows them to act on their impulses, learn from them, and adjust to their surroundings. It fosters ownership of themselves and their environment, making them more independent. 

The Montessori bed becomes their ‘home base,’ and everything else is the ‘wild,’ full of exciting possibilities they can’t wait to explore. They will feel confident enough to act on their curiosity, changing their environment by interacting with it. They’ll start to notice their sleep cues and boundaries while developing their autonomy and decision-making. For instance, they’ll debate between sleeping or playing and when to do it. This scenario will pave the way for more complicated choices, fostering self-control at an early age.

When Should Your Child Start Using a Montessori Bed?

There isn’t a concrete age you should start transitioning your child to a floor bed, but most followers of the Montessori method recommend making the switch between five and ten months of age, often when they start to sit up and move by themselves. You can move your child from your bassinet or cradle to a floor bed, or do it more gradually, putting them in a floor bed when they’re a year old. You can also introduce them to the floor bed by putting them on a Montessori baby mat for naps.

If you start right away, you won’t have to purchase a crib, helping you save money. Your child will also absorb their surroundings faster and develop their ability to move around. However, you may want to install a short rail around the floor bed to prevent them from rolling out when very young. If you decide to wait until your child is older, they may struggle in the first few days, but they’ll eventually establish regular sleeping patterns.


Montessori beds give your children a head start on developing self-awareness, independence, and familiarity with their surroundings. By switching to a Montessori bed, you’ll open a new, stimulating world for your child. 

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