4 Ways to Help Your Child Better Enjoy Their Montessori Mobiles

4 Ways to Help Your Child Better Enjoy Their Montessori Mobiles

If you are looking for ways to help your baby feel more engaged in the world around them while learning to focus, Montessori mobiles are a great way to do so. 

Having varying shapes, colors, and pictures floating above them as they lay on their backs can pique their curiosity, giving them a chance to learn about the objects above them and the cause and effect of movement.

If you are thinking of getting a Montessori mobile, here are a few tips to maximize your baby’s learning potential with the mobile.

1. Make Sure They Are Comfortable

When you first set up your Montessori mobile, make sure to place it at a height where the mobile is within the baby’s line of sight, but not too close that the child can reach out and pull on the mobile. Montessori mobiles are a source of learning for your baby, however they are not like the typical toys an infant should physically interact with.

Unlike the mobiles you see in movies, Montessori visual mobiles are not meant to be batted or touched by your infant. Instead, your baby is meant to enjoy each piece on the mobile while laying down, gazing at the mobile, and working on their concentration skills. At most, you can blow on the mobile slightly to make it move gently, but otherwise, natural air movement is sufficient for a Montessori mobile.

A perfect place to lay your baby down is their topponcino so they are supported and warm on the ground while they concentrate on the mobiles above them.

2. Use Printed Pictures As Mobiles

The beauty of mobiles is that you can replace the items that you hang on them. You can simply print pictures of real life objects and creatures to vary your baby's mobile regularly. For example, if you want your infant to learn about animals, or simply marvel at them, you can print pictures of a few animals and string them on your baby’s mobile. If you want to start using printed pictures, start with two to three pictures at first.

Once your baby has gotten used to it, you can replace all the elements of the mobile with other animals or other objects. 

3. Keep Them Interested, Use a Line Mobile

Another way to encourage your baby’s eyes to follow movement is through the usage of a line mobile. These mobiles have hanging pieces of string with different lengths, in which you can hang specific elements. 

Popular Montessori line mobiles include the Octahedron and the Gobbi. Thanks to the varying length, it gives the illusion of more movement. These mobiles encourage your baby to follow the movement through their line of sight.

4. Be Creative With Your Setup

If you want to take your baby’s interactive experience even further, there are other ways to spice up your Montessori mobile setup. You can include a mirror in front of the mobile so that the baby can look at the mirror reflecting the mobile rather than the mobile itself. This gives you the perfect opportunity to place your Montessori mobile in places not necessarily directly above your baby. 

Feel free to get creative. You can even place your mobile outside and let the wind blow through it gently. The increase in air movement will spark your little one’s interest in cause and effect.

Once your baby grows older, you can repurpose items from their mobiles as decorations in their room or the printed pictures can be used for learning sounds and words. 


Montessori mobiles are a great tool for your baby to learn about movement, colors, and shapes. With the right mobile elements and placement, your baby can learn all about the wide world while resting safely in their back.

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