Why You Should Get a Montessori Mobile for Your Little One

Why You Should Get a Montessori Mobile for Your Little One

Babies are curious, observant little beings. They quickly absorb information from things they hear, smell, taste, feel, and see. If you want your little one learning every day, you should consider hanging a baby mobile above the crib. Mobiles keep infants engaged while contributing to their development, and Montessori mobiles are among the best you can get.

What Is a Montessori Mobile?

This type of baby mobile aligns with the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. According to Dr. Montessori, babies learn a lot from observing their environment and engaging their senses. Montessori mobiles are the best mobile for newborn development. They are age-appropriate, providing just enough stimulation to a baby and preventing overwhelm.

This type of mobile provides visual stimulation while improving an infant's focus and concentration. They help babies learn how to follow moving objects. Babies' vision mature over months, and Montessori mobiles encourage that growth. 

Why Should I Use a Montessori Mobile?

You need to hang a mobile at a certain level and cause it to move in the right way so the baby masters concentration and visual tracking at the right pace. Many manufacturers of commercial mobiles do not consider that and use any old cartoon character or material for their products.

Also, while colorful mobiles look pretty in a Montessori nursery, they are not the best for very young babies. If your infant is less than six weeks old, you should be using the Munari mobile. The Munari consists of two-dimensional black-and-white geometric shapes which balance off a glass ball reflecting light. The mobile moves by natural airflow. 

Since newborns cannot see color, the high-contrast shapes of a Munari mobile enable them to concentrate better. Once the baby is five to eight weeks old, you can transition to octahedron mobiles, which come in bright primary colors. Then, at eight to ten months, you can transition to the Gobbi mobile, which uses spheres in graduated shades. 

These mobiles gently ease your child through visual development and help your child develop at a pace suitable for them. Here are other reasons why a Montessori mobile is best for your baby.

This Type of Mobile Won't Overwhelm the Baby

Montessori mobiles do not make unnecessary noises or move around, so they do not cause overstimulation. These mobiles neither influence a growing baby's learning nor distract them from observing and making connections independently. 

Also, Montessori mobiles isolate infants' visual senses so they can choose to look or not look. If the baby grows tired of gazing at the mobile, he can look away or doze off.

It Provides the Right Visual Stimulation

Babies need different types of mobiles at different phases of development. As your baby grows, he would need mobiles that use different colors and shapes. Montessori mobiles offer various types of mobiles that provide enough visual stimulation for babies of different ages.

It Helps in Developing Concentration

A Montessori mobile will help your baby develop its concentration skills from a young age. If you want them to learn one skill at a time, using a Montessori mobile is one of the best ways of ensuring that they do. Besides using age-appropriate colors and shades, these mobiles also use lines and shapes that align with what babies can process at various stages of development.

Getting Started with the Montessori Method

Starting your child with the Montessori Method from birth will help them develop the learning skills they need later in life. Besides mobiles and toys, you should consider using Montessori-designed items, like topponcinos. These infant security pillows consist of 100 percent natural cotton, enabling you to handle your infant with ease and comfort. You can even encourage your little one to transition into tummy time on a topponcino!

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