Interlocking Disks: What Benefits Can They Give Your Baby?

Interlocking Disks: What Benefits Can They Give Your Baby?

From the moment babies are born, they immediately start trying to learn everything they can about the world around them. Babies have an innate curiosity that will make them interested in everything that sounds and moves. Parents and guardians should capitalize on their baby’s inquisitiveness and use it to help them learn all the skills they need to develop physically and mentally.

Providing toys that will help stimulate their interest will help them develop fine motor skills as they get older. The interlocking disks toy is one such item to consider getting for your infant. If you are a first-time parent looking for things to buy for your baby, this blog post will shed some light on why an interlocking disks toy is one of the best first toys to buy for your growing babies!

interlocking discs

Interlocking Disks: What Benefits Can They Give Your Baby?

When you first see interlocking disks, you may think they are too simple to be able to provide any real benefits to your child. However, most of the time, the opposite is true. Many parents think that electronic toys and even allowing their babies to have screen time is the way to keep them entertained. The truth is that babies will benefit from simple toys that help them master fine motor skills. 

What Are They?

This toy is composed of two circular disks that are interlocked together. They can be made of wood or plastic and convenient sizes to enable little hands to grasp them comfortably well. In addition, babies can practice hand-to-hand transfer with these disks to help stimulate brain development.

Benefits of Interlocking Disks

Babies will develop fine motor skills when they play with this toy. They may struggle to grasp the toy initially, but as time goes by, they will perfect the technique as time passes. By using both hands, both sides of their brain will be stimulated at the same time.

baby holding interlocking discs

When Is the Best Time to Introduce It to Your Baby?

The best time to have your baby start playing with this toy is around three months. At this point in your baby’s life, they will still have a reflexive grasp, which will make it intuitive for them to grab hold of the interlocking disks. They will immediately be interested in trying to look at all the sides of the interlocking disks by waving the toy from side to side. This will also contribute to the development of their eyes. This will encourage them to transfer the disks from one hand to another and will be great to help them develop using their fingers and hands. 


Although this toy may seem simple at first glance, it will keep your baby entertained and busy for hours on end. It will also have a profound impact on your baby’s mental and cognitive development. Buying interlocking disks while your baby is young is worth it! They will be able to enjoy playing with this toy from three months until well over the time they can sit up on their own.

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