How to Create a Montessori Toy Shelf Your Child Will Love

child fixing toys
Image by Sprout Kids


A Montessori toy shelf has a simple design—it is constructed of natural wood to hold toys and learning materials, situated low to the ground for easy reach. It is child-sized and open, so your toddler can easily see and reach all of their learning toys, organized in baskets or trays. 

Montessori shelves should be kept efficient and well-organized. You can curate the items carefully to contain age-appropriate toys that kids can use without assistance. It helps kids spend much more time learning by practice or play, which is crucial in your baby’s development. Kids also learn how to return their toys to the right place. 

A Montessori toy shelf can encourage children to acquire a sense of order and responsibility for their property and improves their independence and concentration.

So how do you organize a toy shelf that your child will love? Check out these suggestions to maximize your Montessori shelf now!

Choose various toys, objects, and learning materials.

When choosing which toys will be on your child’s Montessori shelf, look for objects that will help them practice different skills for a short period. For instance, you can set out some grasping beads, wooden blocks, board books, and an exploration basket full of natural materials for a week or two. You can then replace them with puzzles, musical instruments, and sensory play objects. These products are adequately different to help your child develop mastery in different areas. 

Don’t be afraid to include materials that aren’t traditional toys, like natural or found objects, sensory bottles, simple tools, and household items that are child-safe. You can even add some visuals, like black and white photographs, or pictures of family and friends!

Sort toys by difficulty.

Montessori shelves are often structured to keep the most accessible activities on the left side of the rack, and toys arranged in increasingly difficult activities from left to right. It allows youngsters to select activities at their ideal level. 

This component is optional if you practice Montessori at home. That said, it is something to consider if you think your children's group would benefit from it!

Store small toys in storage baskets.

Large or independent things can be stored directly on the shelf like ball drops or object permanent boxes. Smaller materials such as blocks or natural products should be kept in baskets or trays to ensure organization.

Trays and baskets help children to move an activity to their favorite playground. It is an excellent technique for promoting independence and their sense of order.

Arrange toys “unfinished” on the shelf.

Kids love "unfinished" activities that they need to complete, such as puzzles. These activities give them something to complete, leading to a sense of discovery and accomplishment. By leaving these pieces unfinished and a little bit disarranged, they will be encouraged to complete the task. You may be amazed to find out how minor tweaks can make them excited!

Limit the contents of each shelf. 

Lastly, always ensure you limit the number of objects per shelf. This is more beneficial to your child than cramming the shelves with stuff. An excessive number of items can overwhelm children, so you can keep some toys in storage while they work their way through others. 

A well-organized Montessori shelf encourages children to spend less time gathering and returning objects. Your child, therefore, gets more time for active learning! 


Montessori shelves are safe and lightweight so that you can place one within your nursery. Include it in your baby's first environment, and place items that can help your baby in experiencing textures, smells, sounds, and temperatures for the first time. These simple tips can help you curate a great shelf your child will enjoy for years to come!

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