A Quick and Easy Look at the Montessori Octahedron Mobile

A Quick and Easy Look at the Montessori Octahedron Mobile
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Welcoming a newborn into the family can be one of the most exciting times in a home. It can be reinvigorating to care for a little one and watch as they start to grow and develop. On the flip side, though, it can be a little surprising to watch how quickly your child can progress all of a sudden. 

One of the quickest senses of a baby that can improve in almost no time is eyesight. As you start to see their little peepers showing through and seeing more in the world, you may think to yourself about how you can help them in that regard. And luckily, there are some things that you can get for your little one.

Many parents are raving about the Montessori Octahedron Mobile, one of the 4 essential Montessori mobiles. Here’s why:

The Purpose

octahedron mobile

The Montessori Octahedron Mobile is a visual baby mobile that was developed in the Montessori series. Like most baby mobiles, the Montessori Octahedron Mobile was made to hang from the ceiling as your child is lying comfortably. It’s supposed to be there to soothe your baby, giving them something to look at and observe as a distraction.

The Montessori Octahedron Mobile does just about the same thing, but it takes it another step further. This baby mobile uses a specific shape and set of colors in order to efficiently aid your child’s eyesight development, more so than other types of mobiles.

The Design

Most designs of baby mobiles can vary in terms of different themes, with some mimicking different stars and shapes. The Montessori Octahedron Mobile is simply characterized by three octahedron-shaped ornaments at varying heights. They’re also created in various sizes, with no two ornaments having the same proportions. There have been other variations, though.

The Montessori Octahedron Mobile is very simplistic in terms of its design and also in its colors. Instead of having every hue of the rainbow on it, the Montessori Octahedron Mobile comes in a very metallic vibrant red, blue and yellow to mimic the primary colors. It’s pretty hard to miss!

Here is a great DIY video by Hapa Family Vlog:

The Benefits

There has been scientific research on how The Montessori Octahedron Mobile can be very beneficial for a baby’s development. Considering the STEM-esque experience that it provides, it should have some merit as to how a child’s eyes develop. Here’s how:

  • It Develops a Baby’s Perception. The reason why the Montessori Octahedron Mobile is so eye-catching is to be obvious to the perception of a baby. They have a very bright color that catches their attention, training their ability to distinguish different objects from each other.
  • It Practices a Baby’s Tracking. Since the Montessori Octahedron Mobile does move, a baby can have a bit of practice in tracking the different objects as they move. Studies found that this helps strengthen their eyes and core muscles when their vision tries to keep track of one of the octahedrons. 
  • It Gauges a Baby’s Focus. In conjunction with helping one’s tracking, the Montessori Octahedron Mobile also helps a baby’s focus. Having three objects hovering above them is the perfect amount, letting them shift from focusing and following one object to another.


Montessori products never disappoint, and the Montessori Octahedron Mobile is just a great example of that. It is intentional in design as a way to help a baby’s development as they get older.

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