The Importance of Natural Baby Products

Natural Baby Products

Have you noticed that polyester is in everything these days?

Even baby products!

Such a bummer.

Commonly used because it is easy to make, and cheap, polyester is a synthetic fiber made from coal and petroleum. The process of creating and treating polyester uses detergents, petrochemical dyes, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dioxin-producing bleach and chemical fabric softeners.

These additives are often toxic to an adult human body, so just think how they are affecting your baby! Especially since children are more vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals than adults.

When looking to purchase a baby product, make sure they are not made of polyester, free fibers or wadding, rubber foam, soft foam, or hard foam.

  • Polyester is made with petrochemicals, which emit volatile organic compounds as gases after production. These VOCs can cause asthma, allergies, and other lung problems, especially for your sensitive newborn.
  • Free fiber or wadding often comes in polyester form and is not bound together, creating a floppy, inconsistent, lumpy pillow that would be very difficult to clean.
  • Rubber foam “off gasses”, exposing your newborn to toxins that are potentially harmful to their health. Also, rubber foam does not maintain heat or smell.
  • Soft foam is extremely squishy, not providing the support of your infant’s head or body during handling.
  • Hard foam is too stiff, providing support, but not providing comfort since it does not hug or conform to your baby’s body during holding and handling.

We at The Topponcino Company don’t think this is right.

We believe our world’s babies deserve the best, most natural products possible, which is why we are dedicated to using 100% natural materials in all our products.

For example, our topponcino insert pillows are made of 100% natural cotton needled into a low-loft batting material.

Absolutely zero polyester.

A positive side effect is that natural cotton fiber releases very low levels of hydrogen peroxide which is a well known antiseptic and disinfectant for viruses and bacteria.

Your newborn has sensitive skin, requiring natural fibers, not synthetic fabrics. The topponcino is a perfect cotton barrier between our baby and anything harmful to his skin and lungs. 

Keep your baby’s health in mind…stick with natural cotton!

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