What Makes a Topponcino a Montessori Newborn Essential?

A newborn with a Topponcino

A topponcino is an essential item for parents using the Montessori method. It is something that will assist your new baby in adjusting to life outside the womb. This item can be a vital piece during a baby's early months, giving comfort to both you and your child. Whatever your parenting philosophy, it is an excellent addition to any new baby's essentials.

What is a Topponcino?

A soft mat-like baby cushion, the topponcino (top.on.chi'no), intends to aid in transferring a newborn from the womb to the outside world. The oval shape is carefully created to offer complete body support when your kid is at its most vulnerable, creating a cozy, contained sensation similar to being in the womb. The absence of corners on this Montessori baby mat eliminates the danger of inadvertently covering the baby's face, making it a safer alternative to a blanket. 

While vivid patterns and colors are suitable for a baby's sensory development, topponcinos should be neutral. They are not intended to excite newborns, so they are often seen in neutral hues like whites, greys, and natural sands.

3 Reasons a Topponcino Is a Worthy Investment

Makes the Transition Easier and Reduce Clinginess in Infants

A baby's early weeks and months are complete with new sights, scents, textures, and temperatures. It may be an incredibly overwhelming event for a newborn who is just beginning to process. 

One of the most frequent concerns from new parents is that their child is only quiet when carried. However, since they spent the previous nine months in a warm and comfortable environment, this behavior isn’t surprising. Topponcinos may ease the transition and decrease clinginess in babies. While a baby adapts to new changes in its life, the smooth surface fosters a feeling of calm and offers a comforting constant, making it the best baby sleeping pillow. 

Makes Moving the Baby Easier

For families on the road, a topponcino makes it easier to move the baby without disturbing them and offers a handy, hygienic place to sleep or play. The smooth, level surface is excellent for "tummy time," which is necessary to strengthen neck and trunk muscles and avoid cranial deformations. As babies grow, it provides a secure area to learn to roll and crawl.

Alleviate Stress for Parents

A topponcino is not only helpful for fostering calm in infants, but it may also relieve tension in parents. The first few months of a baby's existence are the most delicate, but it's also the period when friends and family members—or overly eager siblings—want to hold them the most. 

The topponcino's oval design offers comprehensive support, making it simpler to cradle, nurse, and move your baby. It also gives you peace of mind when less experienced individuals hold your tiny bundle of joy, primarily if they can't support their neck.

How a Topponcino Promotes Gentle Parenting Methods

The Montessori approach promotes children's independence and provides a loving and supportive atmosphere for children to develop. The critical word here is "supporting." Although the Montessori method is mainly aimed at children in pre-school and above, many concepts may be applied to babies to encourage curiosity and confidence as they develop. 

It is never too early to begin instilling healthy habits in your kid. Topponcinos are one of the few baby items explicitly mentioned by Montessori creator Maria Montessori for babies. They are intended to be loving, similar to Montessori or gentle parenting techniques.

Final Thoughts

They assist in minimizing environmental stress and overload by providing a stable and familiar environment for the infant. As a result, a baby's confidence grows, enabling them to concentrate on learning and assimilating the new environment around them. Without external stresses, the baby's innate curiosity may thrive. This prepares students for the future hands-on learning style associated with Montessori education techniques.

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