All the Reasons Why Babies and Toddlers Need Wooden Toys

All the Reasons Why Babies and Toddlers Need Wooden Toys

When it comes to toys made for babies’ and toddlers’ development, nothing beats having wooden toys. Montessori homes and classrooms favor this approach because educational toys made from wood are safe, healthy, and inspiring for children.

If you’re unsure what the best options are for newborn development, consider these reasons for wood!

Wooden Toys Increase Children’s Ability to Focus

During the infant and toddler stages, children can be distracted very easily. This distraction can significantly impede their learning abilities.

Studies from the National Institutes of Health have shown that physical contact with wood induces relaxation. It is incredibly beneficial for infants and toddlers, particularly because constant mental stimulation can become overwhelming. Peace is valuable as it’ll help these children calm down and practice their skills in cognitive development.

In particular, Montessori and Waldorf homes and schools use a minimal number of wooden playthings for their children, which helps lessen the chances of overwhelming them. By keeping toys at a minimum, the kids are also encouraged to focus on one object and form a closer bond with it, effectively causing a much deeper level of play.

Children Become More Creative with Wooden Toys

These days, a lot of toy manufacturers have made their products to grab children’s attention. They create a lot of them in bright, eye-catching colors, sometimes with screens or the ability to create loud noises. The eye-catching designs are fun for children to have, but they lessen the opportunity for developing creativity.

On the other hand, children are given a blank canvas with wooden toys designed simpler than ever, giving them free rein to use their imaginations. Additionally, because of their simplicity, wooden toys can encourage cognitive milestones. They allow children to explore their surroundings at their own pace without loud designs that dictate how they can use the toys.

Instead, they can use the wooden toys to do anything they want, from building towers to creating train tracks and playing make-believe. No matter what a child chooses to do, the toy is simple enough that it can support them through the process of their creative thinking.

Wooden Toys are Made to Last

One of the big reasons kids toys in Montessori homes are made primarily of wood is that they’re built to last. No matter how children handle them, they end up completely fine and can last for as long as they would like.

Not only that, but they’re often made quite beautifully and can hold great sentimental value for both the child and parent, especially as kids age. When kept well, they can inspire a sense of connection in children and even offer an aesthetic value to the home.


Overall, wooden playthings or educational toys offer the most outstanding value to both children and parents. They’re one of the safest materials that toy manufacturers can use, and they’re durable and beautifully designed enough to last through generations.

When you’re considering which kids toy to get for your baby or toddler, it’s often worth considering those made of wood.