4 Things to Consider Buying to Support a Pre-Walking Baby

baby walker
Image by The Kavanaugh Report


One of the most exciting times during the first year of your baby is walking. However, they don’t just stand up and walk; it’s a process in which they will discover some new techniques along the way until they can fully support themselves in a standing position. A common milestone that leads to walking is pulling up, and when this starts, there’s no stopping your baby at all! 

Your baby pulling themselves up may be scary if you don’t have the right tools. That’s why you need to get some toys that will help make the process easier for your child. 

Use a Piece of Furniture

If you don’t want to get additional toys for your child, you can be resourceful and use a piece of furniture at home that can support them to stand on their own. Make sure it’s safe and baby-proofed before you let your baby use it, though. Cover those sharp edges!

Some pieces of furniture you can use are ottoman, a coffee table, or a hamper. 

Buy a Piece of Furniture

Some parents think it’s more practical to buy a piece of furniture to support some of their child’s milestones because, for them, it’s a more cost-effective option instead of buying toys that will only be used for a couple of months or weeks. If you’re one of them, you can get playroom furniture, such as a Montessori toy shelf.

You can use the low toy shelf by placing toys on top of it that will encourage your baby to pull up, stand up, and reach for them. A table in the play area may already serve as a great tool that will help your baby stand up and walk. You can even use the table in the future for studying and other activities with your child. 

Get a Pull-Up Bar

If you don’t mind spending on a specialty item, you can get a pull-up bar for your child. Montessori pull-up bars, made from solid wood, are widely available today and can easily be mounted on a wall. 

If you’re feeling creative and resourceful, you can even make your own bar. A standard stair railing will do, but you need to cut it accordingly. 

Consider a Walker Wagon

The most popular choice that parents purchase during this stage is a walker wagon. This is because it helps children move on their own and help strengthen the muscles they need to walk. At this stage that your baby is only learning how to pull themselves up, you can place items on the wagon so it doesn’t move, such as some heavy books. As your child becomes more confident in walking, you can reduce the weight in the wagon. 


It’s exciting when your baby shows signs that they’re ready to walk. They usually start with pulling themselves up, and you can support this milestone by having the right tools in place like the ones we listed in this post. Eventually, your baby will be taking its first steps. Don’t forget to catch it on video! 

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