8 Fun Tummy Time Activities to Try with Your Baby

8 Fun Tummy Time Activities to Try with Your Baby

More and more mothers are opting for multi-use gear that can grow with their babies. It's a more worthwhile investment because baby products can be costly, and it’s best to make the most of the ones you buy. A great example of a long-lasting product is a topponcino.

What is a topponcino? The topponcino (top.on.chi'no) is a soft, mat-like Montessori baby cushion that provides infants comfort, support, and stability. It is usually used for three to four months as a cuddling and comforting cushion, then as a play-mat from six months onward.

Tummy Time with the Topponcino

Flathead condition is growing more common because infants spend more time lying on their backs; getting enough stomach time can help prevent it.

Tummy time is great for your baby's growth and builds several motor skills. Even just five minutes of tummy time a couple of times a day is great. And every month, you can add ten minutes until the baby can turn over both ways on their own. 

There can never be too much tummy time, and here are some activities that can make tummy time more enjoyable for your baby:

1. Tummy Time While Seated

It is great to do tummy time while seated on the floor so you are stable and can properly support your baby. Sit with your legs spread and your baby's chest against your legs. Talk to your baby, sing, and stroke the baby's back to help them relax and prevent tummy time woes.

2. Tummy Time on Your Chest

Another great option is tummy time lying on your back with your baby cuddled up on your bare chest, looking at you. Initially, it is best to keep your upper body at a 45-degree angle while your baby's neck and back muscles develop. Talk to your child and softly rub their back to strengthen your attachment.

3. Tummy Time after a Bath or Diaper Change

After a bath or diaper change, lay your baby on your topponcino. Allow your infant to interact with some wood toys or make funny faces while lying on the ground.

4. Tummy Time and Rocking

Cover an exercise ball with a soft blanket and place your infant on top of it. Gently roll the ball side to side, back and forth, and bounce your baby while holding on firmly. This practice promotes kinesthesia, which is the body's capacity to detect movement, action, and position. 

5. Tummy Time and Walking

You can try taking your baby on a walk around your house or backyard, describing things around you as you hold them on their stomach. This is a potentially exciting method for your child to become acquainted with their surroundings at a new, much higher angle.

6. Tummy Time and Props

Move tummy time to the floor at three weeks old. Place your baby's chest on your topponcino at a good angle so they can support themselves.

After some time, use smaller props like a rolled-up towel or baby bolster pillow. Face your infant with a book or toy for enjoyment. This is a terrific opportunity to perform your favorite baby songs with hand gestures.

7. Tummy Time and Airplanes

For babies three months and older, you can play airplane! Lay on your back, raise your knees, and place your baby's chest between your knees. You will both have fun pretending to fly your child like an airplane. Parent Tip: Make sure you haven't fed him or her yet!

8. Tummy Time and Mirrors

When your baby can do tummy time without assistance, prop a Montessori mirror on the floor and encourage your baby to look at themselves and make cute faces!


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents can begin tummy time on their child's first day home from the hospital and progressively increase tummy time as the baby grows stronger and more comfortable. Tummy time helps develop critical cognitive and physical abilities!

The Montessori topponcino is excellent for tummy time, as it gently exposes your child to the world and helps your infant acclimate to life outside the womb.

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