Parent Review: Jenn S.

baby on topponcino pillow

Before my first son was born, I had no idea how much stuff went with having a baby! More importantly, I had no concept of the difference between the stuff we’d been told we’d need vs. the stuff we actually needed.

I went so far as to listen to the advice to buy a wipe warmer (parents a few months in, please feel free to roll your eyes here). Of course you have essentials like the crib/bassinet and the stroller, but then there are the lesser known essentials that you come to realize you wouldn’t want to parent without.

The topponcino is my “wouldn’t want to parent without it” item, now that I’m about to have my second baby.

My first born son fought sleep like it was his job. We tried all the things, or so I thought... When my second was on his way I was desperate to find a way to help him sleep soundly!

I was gifted a topponcino and I knew immediately that I was in love with the quality and the concept. I slept with it every night before he was born so that it would have my smell. I figured I’d use it as a play mat and a safe place to set him down when my arms needed a rest.

It wasn’t until the first week of being home with my newborn son that I realized how indispensable the topponcino truly is!

The first two nights at home after the hospital, I stayed awake and held my sweet babe for the entire night, because every time his tush touched the crib mattress his eyes would pop open and he’d sing that loud song of his people.

Sleep deprived and slightly delirious by the third night, I remembered the topponcino that I myself had been snuggling for weeks prior. I wrapped him in his swaddle and nursed him with the topponcino and when I laid him and it down in the crib he actually stayed asleep!!


Now, he was still a newborn so he woke up a couple hours later, but I can honestly say now that he is a couple months older, my son sleeps like a champ on that brilliant mat! His stretches of sleep have only increased since that first night. I’ve since tried laying him down without it to see if it’s just that he’s a good sleeper, but without the topponcino, quality sleep is a no-go!

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Another reason I adore my topponcino is that it made it possible for me to feel confident letting my 3 year old hold his newborn brother, as it was important to me that he feel included. It provided that gentle head support that 3 year olds aren’t generally known for providing! Our topponcino has allowed for some precious moments that I’ll hold in my heart always.

If you’re a parent-to-be discovering your personal must haves, a parent in dire need of sleep help, or a friend looking for a truly useful gift for new parents, I honestly can’t recommend the topponcino highly enough! This consistent form of comfort for your kiddo will quickly become something that you, too, will be able to say you wouldn’t want to parent without!

- Jenn S.

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