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Why I am writing about the topponcino?

What makes my advice worthy of listening to?

My names Nikki and I am a mom of over 21 years now. I have two beautiful daughters born in the late 90s and two little boys aged 5 and almost 2. Speaking from someone that literally had two batches of children a couple of decades apart, I certainly have seen my fair share of products marketed for the newborn. For first time moms, it can be a little confusing and even overwhelming with what to buy and what to leave in the cart.

I’ve been on the Montessori circuit since 2003, when I started working as an elementary teacher, but only after my third child was born, a decade later did I really look into Montessori education starting from birth.

It wasn’t till my little boy Beau was 14 months and I was visiting an AMI training centre in Vancouver, that I first learnt of the topponcino.  It made a lot of sense and I felt a little bummed that my three children missed out on its benefits.  But luckily I had a fourth babe and got to try it out firsthand.

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What is the topponcino? 

It’s a thin elliptical shaped sleeping mat or security pillow ideal for baby in the first two months of life, but ultimately the size of the baby and your own personal preference will determine at what aged it is ultimately packed away.  We still have ours out as a thin pillow and Max is 23 months old. I am assuming Maria Montessori named the pillow due to its Italian origins, but apparently she wasn’t the designer, but more the marketer as she observed its use in India in the 1940’s and brought the concept to the western world. 

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Why is the topponcino so beneficial in the early days?


Firstly it creates an environment for the child that tries to replicate the womb due to its elliptical shape and constant temperature within its embrace.

Point of Reference

Newborns are able to recognize their mother’s scent in the first couple of days so having the topponcino in your own bed prior to the birth helps transfers some yummy mummy scents that will comfort your babe when he’s obviously out the womb and you’re not close by. Little did I know Max and I would be separated each night in his first three weeks of his life. Max was born with a disease that required surgery early on so having this pillow with him to smell me, I felt, was so crucial for both of us. 

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Ease of Handling 

Definitely one of the reasons I loved the topponcino so much.  It was so helpful when it came to handling Max in the NICU, especially due to all his cords and tubes.  He certainly needed a gentle handling and that it provided.

Once home it continued to work its wonder, particularly for our older son Beau who was just three at the time. He was able to easily handle his newborn brother with confidence.

And lastly when we had lots of family and friends over I was much more at ease to have him passed around the room without getting tom many foreign germs and also just so he felt more settled. Most of the time he slept sounding and wasn’t one bit perturbed by all the fuss! Also, another bonus is you can place sleeping babes down in their crib so easily with them staying warm and most importantly still asleep! 

I really do believe the topponcino is a little hidden gem in the world of baby products that needs so much more recognition than it has been given.

I hope this has helped your decision to place this baby item at the top of the list for your newborn.

- Nikki L.

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