Parent Review: Paula H.

mother holding baby

Probably as most parents of adult children feel, I didn’t want my grand-parenting role to come earlier than my kids were ready, but secretly couldn’t wait. 

When my 28 year old son and daughter-in-law announced they were expecting, I knew I was in for a real education on modern day child rearing.They are both avid readers and minimalists, and very present in their parenting role, so when it came time to start their “must-have’s” list for their baby-to-be, I waited anxiously. I knew the list would be simple and practical, warm and nurturing. I couldn’t wait!

Top of the list: the topponcino

I had never heard of this. The concept of a security pillow seemed kinda out there… what’s wrong with just using a blanket like I did? And if they are minimalist, why would they need an extra item? Ha! Not about me… time to keep real and up to date with modern childbearing practices. I’m open to new ideas, right?

They tell me they are going to sleep with it before the baby is born so baby will recognize their smell and carry that smell with him. They tell me it will be easier to safely cuddle my soon to be grand baby, and that transferring him from person to person would be an easy transition. 

I just didn’t get it … until I got it.

The topponcino is cozy, safe, loving, practical!

The first time I held my tiny, angelic grandson, he was securely handed to me on his topponcino and I cuddled him as intimately as if he was directly touching my arms. The topponcino is thin enough to feel closeness, but thick enough to hold baby in a comfortable position so neither his head nor arms flopped. I didn’t have to think about how I was holding his head or if he was comfortable, I was able to just enjoy the moment. 

Thank you, topponcino! Being able to just enjoy the moment was a gift!

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grandma looking at baby on topponcino

Since then, I’ve seen him passed from person to person, young and old, experienced and first time baby holders. It’s amazing how wonderful this product is!

Where was the topponcino when I had my babies? In Europe, I guess (developed in Italy) and with those in the know. My generation didn’t know or I think we all would have had them. Fortunately, modern day parents have access to top of the line research as well as products at a touch of a button. 

There’s no better loving or nurturing way to introduce our precious babies to the world.

- Paula H.

As a blessed mom of 3 super-humans, and now “Gi-Gi” to the guy who has her heart wrapped around his little finger, Paula loves all things that empower children to be independent, confident, and genuinely loving.

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